Form D Report – July 2017

Form D Report – July 2017

Welcome to our introductory post of the Form D Report by Coral Capital Partners. Each month we look at the Form D filings with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and analyze the data to see what is occurring in the private capital raise industry. We take a look at the industries that are raising capital, the types of offerings, and the involvement of investment banks in the capital raising process.  There are roughly 150 Form D’s filed every business day with the SEC. There is a tremendous amount of information contained within each and every Form D filing.  This information becomes even more informative when you start looking at all the filings within a month, a quarter, or a year.  We will be looking at this information and sharing our findings with you.  A printer friendly copy of this month’s report may be found (Form D Report (pdf copy) July 2017).

The month of July saw approximately 3,237 Form D filings with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).  Approximately 1,869 or just under 58% of those filing were new filings, with the remainder as amendments.  The three (3) top industries for filings were Pooled Investment Funds, Finance (banking, other banking & investment) and technology companies.

Equity offerings accounted for approximately 56% of the offerings, and Pooled Investment Funds accounted for approximately 34% of the filigs.

Investment banks were listed as receiving sales commissions on approximately 460 or approximately 14% of the offerings.  Of those 460 offerings, Pooled Investment Funds accounted for 287.

Form D Report – July 2017
# %
Total Filings 3,237
New Filings 1,869 57.7%
Amendments 1,368 42.3%
Industry Groups Type of Offering
# % # %
Agriculture 16 0.5% Debt 206 6.4%
Biotech 74 2.3% Equity 1,806 55.8%
Business Services 16 0.5% Equity & Debt 0 0.0%
Commercial 141 4.4% Pooled Inv. Fund 1,104 34.1%
Commercial Banks 13 0.4% Not Listed 97 3.0%
Computers 17 0.5%
Investing 35 1.1%
Oil & Gas 38 1.2%
Other Banking 318 9.8% Investment Bank Listed
Other Energy 24 0.7%
Other R/E 108 3.3% # %
Other Tech 322 9.9% Overall 460 14.2%
Pharmaceuticals 16 0.5% Pooled Inv. Fund 287 17.2%
Pooled Inv. Fund 1,668 51.5%
REITS 26 0.8%

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