C0ral Capital Partners – Fraud Investigation Services

Coral Capital Partners provides fraud investigation services to its clients.  Coral Capital Partners is skilled in the investigation of potential fraud, and has uncovered fraudulent activities in numerous instances.  A part of our due diligence services, Coral Capital Partners routinely examines companies for the possibilities of fraudulent activities.  On several projects, Coral Capital Partners has been asked by our clients to investigate possible instances of fraud.  In several instances , Coral Capital Partners has uncovered actual fraudulent activities.

Coral Capital Partners has conducted several fraud investigations on behalf of its clients and overseen litigation in both state and federal court.

Our fraud investigation services include:

  • Investigation of Accounting Records
  • Stock and Security Issuance and Ownership
  • Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Background Checks
  • Key Support to Attorneys and Law Firms
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Coral Capital Partners has uncovered or investigated significant fraudulent activities 5 times since 2001.  Our efforts at successfully uncovering these fraudulent activities saved our clients from either investing in or raising funds for a fraudulent enterprise.  In one instance our client was able to recover a substantial sum following a successful damages complaint.  In nearly every instance, our efforts resulted in the halting of the fraudulent activities at the companies where we uncovered incidences of fraud.

Case Studies:

Case Study # 1:  Illegal Selling of Company Shares

Case Study # 2:  Poor Controls and Procedures Lead to Possible Embezzlement

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