Coral Capital Advisors – Services

Coral Capital Advisors provides a variety of consulting services to investment banks, private equity, public and private companies. These services include:

  • Acquisition Searches:  Finding the right fit for companies seeking to add to their existing operations through acquisitions.
  • Business Plan Development:  A company’s business plan is its guide for moving forward and developing its business. It is also primary means by which potential investors and investment bankers will evaluate a company as an investment. The value of a well written business plan cannot be over stated.
  • Business Valuation Providing clients with independent business valuation and appraisal services. Our independent valuation services provide a comprehensive review of the business which is useful for a variety of applications.
  • Corporate Restructurings:  Helping companies with the needed changes in order to turn around a struggling situation or advance towards stated goals.
  • Financial Modeling:  Preparation and development of complex, dynamically updating financial models that reflect a corporation’s
  • Management Services:  Providing interim and full time management assistance to companies in order to help them achieve their goals.

Please visit our Case Studies page for case studies on some of our projects and their results.

Please feel free to contact our offices to see how Coral Capital Advisors may be of assistance to you and your company.