News from the SEC & FINRA (July 14, 2017)

Since our last update to July 14, 2017

Welcome to our blog that is dedicated to the variety of news announcements from the SEC and FINRA.  We also take a look at various news from outside sources relating to those agencies.  The months of May and June were exceptionally busy, and as a a result, I missed several weeks of the blog. As a result, we will try to cover as much as possible since our last blog.

The full list of releases from the SEC and FINRA is available to visitors of our site through the links below.  The actions that we have highlighted by listing them below, are those that have caught our attention for some particular reason; one that we will generally discuss.



  •  SEC Action on Unregistered Securities (More)
  •  SEC Action Against Former Transfer Agent (More)
  •  Order Denying Application for Consent to Associate (More)
  •  Action Against Investment Advisor for Investing Outside of Funds Charter (More)
  •  Action Against Investment Advisor for Misappropriation of Client Funds (More)
  •  SEC Action Against “Strawman” Company Officer in Shell Creation Scheme (More,  More, More, and More)


FINRA NEWS (Full List):

No significant news from FINRA.  The majority of the releases were related to trade reporting.

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