Securities Lawyers Deskbook and Informational Sources

Securities Lawyers Deskbook and Information Sources

The University of Cincinnati College of Law publishes online the Securities Lawyers Deskbook.  This is an excellent information source,  I consider it to be one of the best there is.  I typically will visit the site on an almost daily basis.  Unfortunately I discovered recently that it is temporarily unavailable while it is being upgraded.  This is quite disappointing because it contained in one location the most comprehensive listing of a diverse set of securities regulations and resources; and very importantly in a format that was easy to navigate and read.  Since then,  I have been unable to find a substitute site that even comes close.  I have therefore decided to try to recompile those resources and links into an easy to navigate resource.

About Coral Capital Partners

Coral Capital Partners is an independent consulting and advisory firm focused on companies and participants in the lower and middle markets. We partner with our clients to provide cost effective solutions to real world issues and situations. Our experienced team brings a diverse set of skills that allows us to service a wide variety of needs.  Our area of services and expertise focuses on bringing services and solutions to our clients that are normally only available to much larger firms.

Coral Capital Partners, Inc.  provides services to Investment Banks,  Private Equity Funds, investors, and both privately held and publicly traded companies, as well as various stakeholders in those organizations.  This has included international public companies with operations on three (3) continents to smaller privately held domestic companies.

Our experience in the areas of corporate advisory, due diligence reviews, and regulatory compliance allows for a cost effective and efficient solution to the issues at hand.  Please feel free to contact our offices to see how we may be of assistance.