Tag: Investment Advisers Act of 1940

The Investment Advisers Act (IAA) was passed in 1940 to monitor those, who for a fee, advise people, pension funds, and institutions on investment matters. The IAA mandated that all persons and firms receiving compensation for serving as investment advisers must register with the SEC. There are three (3) general exceptions to the registration requirement; investment advisers whose clients all reside in the same state as the adviser’s business office and who do not provide advice on securities listed on national exchanges; investment advisers whose clients are solely insurance companies; and investment advisers who had fewer than 15 clients in any previous 12-month period.

Securities Lawyers Deskbook and Informational Sources

The Securities Lawyers Deskbook, published by the University of Cincinnati College of Law, has been a standard for professional in the securities industry. The Securities Lawyers Deskbook is currently being updated. Coral Capital Partners has published links to the various sites and regulations previously available through the Securities Lawyers Deskbook. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive source of links and reference information for businesses and other members of the investment community. We will be periodically updating and expanding the information provided.