Fraud Investigation

Blog articles written by Coral Capital Partners on the topic of fraud investigations. Coral Capital Partners has participated in and lead several securities fraud investigations. This has given us incredible insight and experience when examining instances of suspected fraudulent activity. We look at various SEC enforcement actions as well as lessons learned on various projects and other activities involving the investigation of fraud on behalf of our clients.

SEC Action Involving Scheme with Fictitious Company Name

Coral Capital Partners looks at an SEC Enforcement action against a group of individuals who operated a fictitious company that claimed ties to a legitimate major financial corporation. We also take a look at how investors could have easily discovered this, and avoided their losses.

SEC Action Against Rogue Stock Transfer Agent

Coral Capital Partners looks at a recent SEC Litigation Release concerning the activities of a stock transfer who fraudulently issued itself shares in its client companies. Stock transfer agents operate at what we feel is a key point in the securities markets. As a result we are gate keepers who are in a position to help prevent and stop securities fraud. We believe that it is especially heinous when they commit fraud. We feel that our blog on this topic, along with the associated SEC Litigation Release and Complaint will be an interesting read.