FINRA Launches Corporate Actions Management (CAM) Platform

FINRA Corporate Action Management (CAM) Platform

FINRA Launched Corporate Actions Management (CAM) Platform

FINRA finally launched its Corporate Actions Management (CAM) platform on November 20th, 2023. While this new platform was originally announced back in the spring of 2023 and delayed several times, we are pleased to see that it has finally gone live.

With the launch of the new Corporate Actions Management (CAM) platform, the old Electronic Issuer/ADR Company Related Action Notification forms have been discontinued.  The new platform is accessible through

FNRA has published User Guides for OTC companies and ADRs.  Copies of which can be accessed below.

For more information, including FAQs, please visit

FINRA has published instructions for completion and submission on the new Corporate Action Management (CAM) platform, which can be accessed from the link above.  Additionally, FINRA has published a list of frequently asked questions concerning the CAM platform.  It has also published contact emails for the submission of questions on topics not covered in the FAQ section.  We view these changes as a positive improvement over the prior email system.  We are looking forward to additional improvements as time goes on.

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