FINRA’s New Corporate Action Platform Delayed

FINRA Corporate Action Platform DelayedFINRA announced on May 26th that its new system for Issuers, ADR depository banks, and other parties that provide notice of company-related actions (corporate actions) pursuant to SEA Rule 10b-17 and FINRA Rule 6490 was delayed indefinitely.  The system had previously been scheduled to go live on June 5th.  FINRA will be sending out a notice when they have a new live date for the system.

With this new system, FINRA will be replacing the current Electronic Issuer/ADR Company Related Action Notification forms with the Corporate Actions Management platform. This new platform will be accessible via the FINRA Gateway at Existing users will be able to access this new platform using their current login information to submit notice of company-related actions.

The Corporate Actions Management Platform will allow external parties to:

  • Submit and update company-related action submissions
  • Make electronic payments via FINRA’s OPAY system for assessed notification fees
  • View the status of submissions
  • Communicate with FINRA via messaging within each submission
  • Receive notifications when a new information request is initiated by FINRA
  • Respond to requests for information

For more information, including FAQs, please visit

We are looking forward to the new corporate action system, as we view this as a significant improvement over the current corporate action process, where communication with FINRA is through a series of emails chained together. We have used the BaseCamp project management system for almost 20 years. Our initial review of the available information indicates that the new FINRA project management system appears to modeled very similar to BaseCamp. If that is the case, then this is a dramatic improvement for the process and issuing companies.

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