Tag: Sun River Energy Lawsuits

News, information, and commentary on the various lawsuits involving Sun River Energy, Inc. Since 2008, Sun River Energy has been involved in a larger number of lawsuits, a substantial number of which have involved litigation it has initiated against its own shareholders.

SEC Launches Investigation of Alleged Stock Manipulation by PIPE Issuer Sun River Energy

The PIPE”s Report takes a look at the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation into Sun River Energy for potential securities fraud. The article also touches on some of the issues in Sun River Energy’s litigation with Nova Leasing, LLC.

PIPE Issuer Accused of Manipulation In Multiple Suits By Restricted Shareholders

Sun River Energy was accused by multiple shareholders of attempting to manipulate the market for its common stock by refusing to remove the restrictive legends from their certificates following the expiration of the holding period required by Rule 144 of the Securities Act of 1933.