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Business Plan Development is the process of developing and writing a business plan. This is much more than the actual writing of the document. It involves conducting proper research on the market for the company’s products, its potential customers, suppliers, and competitors. Additionally it includes extensive work in developing a dynamic financial model that is capable of conveying a clear message to potential investors while withstanding intense scrutiny from potential investors, including angel groups, investment banks, and venture capital firms.

New Case Study: Designing an Online Market Program

New Case Study:  Designing an Online Marketing Program Coral Capital Advisors has published a new Case Study: Case Study # 9: Designing an Online Marketing Program for a Manufacturing Company.  In this Case Study we take a look at an…

A Few Thoughts on a Proper Business Plan

Coral Capital Partners discusses the importance of a proper business plan, its uses and benefits. A well written business pan is a key and vital document that all businesses should have. It should show where your business is at, how it got there, and where it is going; and very importantly how it is going to get there. It needs to be comprehensive in its explanation of the business, answer the questions investors may have, and explain the risks a business is facing. At the end of the day it should give investors a level of comfort that will allow them to feel comfortable making an investment.

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Welcome to the Coral Capital Partners blog. This where we have a chance to interact with the public and discuss items we feel are of significance or importance to the business and capital markets community. It gives us a chance to talk about things that we feel are important or just simply interesting. A majority of the topics that we will discuss will be related to the core services that we provide. We hope you enjoy our blog and find the information contained useful and informative.