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Blogs and articles on Crowd Funding and the rules and regulations surrounding Crowd Funding authored by Coral Capital Partners. The Jumpstart Our Business Startup Act, commonly referred to as the JOBS Act legalized Crowd Funding and directed the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to revises the rules and regulations surrounding Crowd Funding and the issuance of equity through the Crowd Funding process. However it did not remove all rules and regulations surrounding Crowd Funding, as many of the rules and regulations allowing full-fledged Crowd Funding remain to be written and implemented; and many complex regulations remain that company executives and potential investors need to be aware of.

Micro-Cap Review Article – Crowd Funding and the JOBS Act

This is a reprint of the article “Crowd Funding and the JOBS Act” by Erik Nelson, President of Coral Capital Partners that was published in the 2nd Quarter 2012 edition of Micro-Cap Review Magazine. The article discusses the various provisions of the JOBS Act that relate to crowd funding and how they apply to the fund raising process. This is the 3rd article authored by Erik Nelson that has been published in Micro-Cap Review Magazine, and the 2nd through Coral Capital Partners.