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Erik Nelson, President of Coral Capital Partners has authored and submitted articles for publication in magazines and newspapers. Several of our articles have been published in Micro-Cap Review Magazine. Those articles that have been published in those publications have been reprinted in our blog for your reading. We hope that you enjoy the articles and find the information within them beneficial.

The Lost Art of a Good Business Plan

The value of a well written business plan cannot be over stated. It will benefit both management and investors in the company. The vast majority of the business plans I have reviewed come up critically short in at least two or more of these important areas, and higher number fail to address at least one key area. I think that is important that we take a look at the key sections of the business plan and what should be included.

Restructuring a Micro-Cap Company

Many sharp investors have learned the benefits of reading through a company’s annual and quarterly reports, as well as other public filings. It is not uncommon to come across a company with what seams to be very promising products or technology that is trading at a deep discount to what its perceived valuation should be. For sharp investors, selecting the right company to invest in can be very rewarding. However it is very important to know what type of company you are looking at. Is this a growth company, where new products and services could lead to a significant increase in sales and profitability? Or is it a turnaround/restructuring situation? It is important to know the difference between the two types as they require a different form of analysis. In this article we will take a look at evaluating a micro-cap company as a turnaround or restructuring situation as a potential investment. Our focus is going to be on those micro-cap companies that are generating revenue.

Micro-Cap Review Article – Crowd Funding and the JOBS Act

This is a reprint of the article “Crowd Funding and the JOBS Act” by Erik Nelson, President of Coral Capital Partners that was published in the 2nd Quarter 2012 edition of Micro-Cap Review Magazine. The article discusses the various provisions of the JOBS Act that relate to crowd funding and how they apply to the fund raising process. This is the 3rd article authored by Erik Nelson that has been published in Micro-Cap Review Magazine, and the 2nd through Coral Capital Partners.