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Due diligence is a term used to describe the examination and investigation of a corporation’s books, records, management and other relevant areas in order to properly evaluate the business or investment opportunity. The process of conducting due diligence can require highly specialized skills and experience. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) now requires that all broker/dealers that participate in private placements under Regulation D conduct a proper level of due diligence in accordance with FINRA Regulatory Notice 10-22

Toxic Financing Explained

Toxic Financing Explained We have reviewed countless financing proposal and documents on behalf of our clients over the years.  It seems lately that we have had a surge in calls recently asking us to review documents that were for toxic…

Coral Capital Announces Relationship with TechPerts, Inc.

Coral Capital Partners is proud to announce its collaborative relationship with TechPerts, a firm focused on providing technology consultants and experts witnesses to law firms and other interested parties. This is a significant expansion of Coral Capital Partners due diligence, acquisition searches, and valuation services.

FINRA Rule 5123 – Private Placement Filing Requirements

Coral Capital Partners takes a look at recent FINRA Regulatory Notice 12-40 and the underlying FINRA Rule 5123, which requires broker/dealers that participate in the private offerings of issuer securities to file a copy of the private placement memorandum and other offering documents with FIRNA. We also look at the exemptions to this requirement, and were we see areas of risk for broker/dealers participating in private placements. We also look at how we see this tying in with FINRA Regulatory Notice 10-22.