Securities Fraud

Coral Capital Partners blog on securities fraud. Our focus is on the types of fraud that is pervasive in fund raising for private companies and publicly traded companies in the the small cap and micro-cap markets. Additionally we look at a the common frauds that occur in the stock market for these companies. The majority of the blog articles we have written look at enforcement actions by the Securities Exchange Commission, what activities the parties engaged in to be charged by the SEC, and what violations the SEC charged them with.

Market Manipulation, Broker Bribery, and Matched Trades

Coral Capital Partners looks at a recent SEC Enforcement Action concerning Market Manipulation, Broker Bribery, and Matched Trades. In our look at this enforcement action we provide a detailed explanation of how these schemes work and the penalties for participating in these schemes. We feel that our blog along with the associated SEC Litigation Release and Complaint filed in Federal Court will provide an interesting reading.

SEC Action on Wrap Around Agreements

Coral Capital Partners looks at recent SEC enforcement actions involving wrap around agreements, which are being used by companies and stock distributors to illegally convert debt into free trading shares. This has been a common practice since the SEC revised Rule 144 back in early 2006. The complaints provide a very good explanation as to how these wrap around agreements work In the most recent action the SEC sought sanctions against the attorney who wrote the legal opinions allowing for the shares to be issued without restrictive legends via the exemption provided by Rule 144.

SEC Action Involving Scheme with Fictitious Company Name

Coral Capital Partners looks at an SEC Enforcement action against a group of individuals who operated a fictitious company that claimed ties to a legitimate major financial corporation. We also take a look at how investors could have easily discovered this, and avoided their losses.