Coral Capital – Acquisition Search Services

Coral Capital Advisors provides acquisition search services to companies, investment banks, private equity groups, and other industry participants looking to acquire either whole companies, subsidiaries or divisions of companies.

Our approach is designed to reach out and contact many more firms than those who have already retained an investment bank or or business broker to find them a buyer. Coral Capital Advisors is highly skilled in the creation of custom databases and the utilization of search techniques that allow us to contact and review a wide variety of potential acquisition targets for our clients.

Acquisition Search Services

  • The creation of customized databases of potential acquisition targets:  Coral Capital Advisors his highly skilled in creating custom databases of potential acquisition targets.  As part of our acquisition search services Coral Capital has created custom databases of both privately held and publicly traded companies as potential acquisition targets for our clients.  Our database creation has been industry specific as well as based upon on non-industry specific financial criteria.
  • Blind or anonymous contacts on behalf of our clients:  Coral Capital Advisors is able to contact potential acquisition targets and conduct initial discussions without having to initially disclose who the potential acquirer may be.  This is tremendously beneficial to companies or investment groups who may not want it to be known that they are looking to make an acquisition.
  • Acquisition target due diligence services:  Coral Capital Advisors provides a variety of due diligence services to its clients.  As a result, Coral Capital Partners is able to conduct the initial and full due diligence of a potential acquisition target as part of its acquisition search services.
  • Industry valuation reports:  As part of its acquisition search services, Coral Capital Advisors can provide its clients with industry specific valuation reports.

Benefits to Our Clients

Coral Capital Advisors is able to provide our clients with an efficient and cost effective method of conducting acquisition searches.  In many instances we are able to allow our clients to leverage their existing resources and conduct a more complete search for potential acquisitions than they could on a strictly internal basis.

  • Efficient:  Coral Capital is highly skilled at the creation of customized databases and the ability to contact hundreds of companies in a very short period of time.
  • Confidential:  In many industries there is a high value placed on the plans of potential buyers and sellers of business.
  • Cost effective:  We provide our clients with a cost effective solution to obtaining potential acquisition targets.
  • Selected to meet your criteria:  We only bring you companies that clearly meet your criteria and objectives, as well as have passed out initial due diligence requirements.

Our Approach

  •  Understanding the Acquisition Criteria:  Coral Capital works with its clients to fully understand what they are looking for in a potential acquisition.
  • Creating the Customized Database:  Coral Capital Advisors utilizes numerous information and data sources to create comprehensive and customized databases containing as many companies within a target industry as possible.  Our goal is to essentially leave no stone un-turned when performing your search.
  • Contacting the Prospective Companies:  Coral Capital Advisors is able to reach out and contact every company in our databases in a timely and efficient manner.  Our process is designed to ensure that we are focusing our efforts on those companies that are interested in being acquired.  Our method of contact allows for the name of the potential buyer to remain out of the process until such a point in time as you decide to disclose your interest in the acquisition target.
  • Due Diligence on the Prospective Targets:  Coral Capital will perform the initial due diligence and screening of potential acquisition targets in accordance with your firms agreed upon criteria.

Case Study:

Case Study # 7:  Acquisition Search Services for a Private Company Client

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